Sunday, 15 March 2009

Carrying a Grudge

Had a fairly chunky cat in a couple of nights ago with FUS, he weighed about 7kg. Often the FUS cats can be grumpy as they are uncomfy so we always tend to move carefully with them. This one was a bloody minded sod. You could stroke the top of his head with a finger but 2 fingers was not allowed as you may try to grab him, he wasn't daft. No stethoscopes to listen to his heart. If you did manage to get one close enough all you heard was the growl in the chest and your hand got damp with his hissing with fangs rubbing on your hand in warning. The fangs were big, sharp and ready for use.

We needed to give him a bolus of fluid every hour as the vets wanted precise fluid and the pumps were in use. This meant we had to put an extension set onto his leg catheter so we could do things from a distance. To get the extension on he had to have a sleep because we were no way in hell getting near him awake.

I dropped a blanket over him, avoided teeth and nails that were coming through the material and pinned him. The vet worked out where the backside was for his snoozy juice.
The extension was attached, his bladder checked and expressed as we had him asleep and his first bolus given then his snooze was reversed. The whole thing took less than about 10minutes.

An hour and next bolus due l carefully opened the door farthest from him. The extension was near this door (nice long extension l wasn't daft) to give him his next bolus. At this point he was in the far corner of a double kennel, we try and give FUS cats double kennel so they have space. He had climbed into his litter tray not cause he wanted to pee just it was where he wanted to sleep. As l lifted the extension and put the needle in he watched.

When my attention was off him as he was just lying there he moved. Up on the back legs, front out stretched and all claws out he hurtled at me, l slammed the door just as he hit it and tried to swipe me with the claws while hissing and snarling. He then grumped, turned round and went back to his litter tray pulling the extension back in around him.
We often have cats that are nasty if you try handle them but he was not doing this. He initiated and brought the attack to me. Not something cats do often, they prefer swipes at being handled and vocalising to warn.

5 mins later when he had settled l had to use the door nearest him this time to get the extension, as it was now about 2 inches from his front leg. I managed to get it and pulled it out the door, he kept hissing and grumping but no attack, he had made his point there. I slowly closed the door and gave him his bolus leaving the extension hanging out. It was able to pull under the kennel door as there was a big gap but at least we could now do bolus until he moved and pulled it back in a few hours later.

Last night he was a lot better and just hissed l even managed to slide the scope under and hear a heart amongst the background growling.


Auntie Jane said...

OMG... I'd rather handle a difficult dog than a cat!

Tiger777 said...

Cats can be such nasty little buggers! I worked as a vet nurse many, many years ago and remember some nasty bites and scratches from cats!

Vetnurse said...

Cats haven't changed Tiger777. The same one that tried to eat me, tonight flung himself at me tonight like a long lost soulmate and l could not stop him purring and trying to cuddle me.

JuliaM said...

"I'd rather handle a difficult dog than a cat!"

Indeed! Dogs - 1 sharp end. Cats - 5 sharp ends! No contest....

"..tonight flung himself at me tonight like a long lost soulmate and l could not stop him purring and trying to cuddle me."

Heh! That's a cat, all right.... ;)