Tuesday, 24 March 2009

My Award and Other News.

Many thanks to Dickibo for the Lemonade Award my very first award. I need to get hub to do the ewww test though from what Dickibo says. Actually l did not think the photos were that bad, l guess l was wrong!

I wrote a blog the other day about my day in London and having a look round St Margaret church next to Westminster Abbey.

I decided to contact them about the plaque l had seen as l wondered why parts were missing. I got a lovely couple of replies. The first was from the Rectors secretary who said that St Margaret were glad of the big ques outside the Abbey as many people funnelled to St M instead. That this is great because they don't get any financial help from Church of England. I was also told that my query had been passed to Abbey Library.

The Abbey library sent me a reply today about the damaged scene:
The wall memorial that you saw in St Margaret’s is that to Hugh Haughton. The damage to his effigy may have been done during the Civil War I suppose but why he was damaged I cannot say. She is his wife Frances (Cooth) and the daughters Elizabeth and Frances. He died 1616 and the monument was erected by Frances “in token of her love to her husband”. They were obviously residents in the parish as she came from Dorset and he from Chester.

So if you like history This is well worth a visit and is just the right size to look round and not be swamped with people and is very peaceful. St Margaret's Church (click on the links at the bottom of the url to learn about different aspects and also on the left hand side)

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