Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Buffet's and Extreme Sheep

I was not due to work last night but was called in when the shift l was asked to cover was about to start, nothing like forewarning and forward planning.
Anyhow it was a lucky call, we had a great buffet at work last night. There had been a CPD night booked that was cancelled. For some reason best known to those that matter, rather than the mere workers the buffet was still delivered. It was like putting food out for starving locusts the way the night shift descended on it.

Lots and lots of food including, mini pizzas, sausages and pickled onions on sticks, mini samosas, mini spring rolls, tons of different sandwiches, chunky chips, quiche, mixed wraps, salad, sausage rolls (mini), pork pies.


My ytube insert is over running l have worked out how to make it smaller, but on my computer it is buffering up black. If you get a blank look when you click "run" leave it it is buffering just nothing showing. Please let me know if you have problems. Here is the URL Extreme Sheep Herding


Constable Confused.com said...

No way,

you must be making it up, that is fantastic!


Vetnurse said...

I am in deep "discussion" with hub over this l think it has to be real, well apart from the paining that is. hehehe

JuliaM said...

Mmm, free buffet food. The best... ;)

Auntie Jane said...

The video is working fine for me... no problems.

I've seen it before... It's great. I think I put it on my blog a while ago.

Thanks for you kind message on my blog. I'm leaving shortly to go in, just getting my last internet fix for a week!

Noddy said...

Beat you!

Vetnurse said...

Aww l missed it on your blog Jane and good luck with things in hospital, let us know as soon as you are out.

Garr no not Noddy as well l didn't see either of yours up darn pipped to the post by a sheep's hair. :-(

Can not believe l missed both of them, that's it new glasses. I will have to do better next time :-)

joker the lurcher said...

the welsh - they are a mad race!

patently said...


Are sheep really that daft?

staghounds said...

Go, liberty and capitalism!