Friday, 3 April 2009

Georgy Girl

Back in Tenerife at the rescue kennels, Georgy was a Berdino (Tenerife breed lightweight mastiff type) At some point she had escaped from whoever owned her and was found walking along the road by some German tourists with her choke chain grown into her neck.

We cut out the choke chain with no muzzle on her, ok a recipe for disaster but l didn’t have any muzzles and a tape would have ended up where l wanted to work. So l took a chance on her behaviour as she had been up to that point. I was not let down, she just stood there. She was so sweet tempered with people and other animals it was amazing, l don’t think she knew what nasty was.
She had those horrid cropped ears a mutilation thankfully banned in the UK

Treatment was Synulox tablets (those good old pink antibiotics, the mainstay of the veterinary world), wound washing three times a day and wound powder too help keep off flies, the wound healed perfectly.
Even if it was in UK it is unlikely that a vet would have carried out surgery as the edges were granulating and starting to heal. It was the centre of the wounds where the collar was that was still open. And in situations like hers to quote Tony when l showed him the photos, time is a better healer than a scalpel.

I named her Georgy after the 60s song “Georgy Girl” by The Seekers as l felt the outside cropped ear tough dog look was unfair and it in the words of the song..."There's another Georgy deep inside"

Georgy was rehomed in Germany as were most of our dogs.

The damage was similar on both sides of the neck

The wound under her throat looked like some one had tried to slice her throat.


Annette said...

Oh that is awful. Poor dog, thank god there are people like you who take care of them.

Auntie Jane said...

Poor dog. As Annette said, thank goodness there are people like you around.