Monday, 27 April 2009

Unwinding and Rambling

Been at the parachute centre at Langer for the weekend. We got up at the ungoly time of 4am on Saturday as hub hates to get here late, no chance of getting there late when we are up at that time.
I had a good book to read so read on the way here by the motorway and road lights, until the sun rose, it was a bit hit and miss but l got by. In the evening l got into another book and finished that at 2am in the early hours. I wish authors would stop writing excellent books.

Wibble never sleeps on the bed at home, her choice. When in the camper she will only sleep on the bed, which isn’t huge but if not allowed on she stalks around the van. Of course she sleeps on my side so my legs have to curl up and get uncomfy, still so long as she is comfy, how can such a small dog take up so much room?

One of the jumpers was giving his opinion on marriage. He was holding up his hand and announced “I made sure that l couldn’t get married again by removing my fingers” He only has a thumb and little finger on his left hand.
2 other jumpers often there have lost their legs at the knees. Instead of using artificial legs they get by as they are. Both do work in movies that require them to be seen as blown up and legless.
Mind you falling out of planes is not hard it is mainly a head job and once that is overcome it is easy.

When l worked at Biggin Hill’s Capital City Parachuting now defunct l was doing a stint as DZ control. I heard screaming from the 2000 foot level (student exit height)that continued with sobbing noises all the way down. Rushing over l was met with a large male jumper that had not tightened his leg straps up as instructed. He had experienced a sharp “groin pain” I am afraid l was ended up incoherent and unable to stand l was laughing so hard. He did forgive me, eventually, although he did not stay in the sport long.

Agg well such is life. My Dad is in for a minor op tomorrow to remove some skin cancer lumps from his face. He is 92 and has various health problems but they will be doing it under local.


Compostwoman said...

Oh I laughed at your parchuting stories..Sorry..

Seriously, I hope your Dad is OK after his op...

Vetnurse said...

Hey glad that you had a chuckle Compost Woman that's why l popped them there :-)
And thanks for your wishes for my Dad.

Hogday said...

VN, ever jumped from Sibston?

Vetnurse said...

Hogday been there many times l haven't jumped there but hub has. I have jumped at Stapleford (now closed) Biggin Hill (now closed) Halfpenny Green (now closed and Headcorn (was clicky dump unfortunately still open)

Hub is well known in the sport though been in it over 30years now. Have/do you do jump and have you jumped there? I would say best place around is Langer, nice people and center.

Vetnurse said...

One of the sibsons stories that went down in folklaw happened when equal legislation was just coming in:

JM the owner advertised for an instructor, must have balls.
A female instructor went to the local abattoir and bought the biggest pair of bulls bollocks she could.
She then walked into the office, slammed them down on the desk and said, "I've come for the job, here's my balls"
She got the job.

Hogday said...

I know a few guys at Sibston. An ex Met colleague, Steve (`Planky`) and a former neighbour, ex Army, who regularly rides up from the south on a yellow Harley Davidson heritage softail. Ring any bells?

And no I haven't jumped! Would do, though, if absolutely necessary;)

Vetnurse said...

Hey Hogday drop me an email off my profile would you please :-)

Yes knew Planky, hub did the video many years ago (at least 20) for Met Police Display Team. So l have a good idea where you met him. Has he learnt how to about face?
If he deny's he ever had a problem err no we have muche evidence of the "Planky Shuffle".

Did not know he still fell out of planes let alone at Sibson, nor did hub as l just double checked l was about to accuse the correct team member of the shuffle :-))

Tell him to get to the best centre (langer) not mess around down there. Would also love to know what happened to the rest of the team.

Have some pretty good videos of the demos, and some interesting accidents, nothing serious just totally hysterical.

Yellow softtail rider doesn't ring any bells would need a name.