Monday, 6 April 2009

Daze Off

Saturday was a day off and even though wanting to stay in bed, having done a 17hr and 9hr shift on the thursday and friday l decided to drag myself out and head down to Derby for the site committee meeting for the big July Braai and June POTS (pig on the spit weekend) that the ZRWAF are holding for fundraising.

Beechwood Park is a lovely campsite with several large fishing lakes, a go kart track and for those that do not want to camp about 9 log cabins. It is surrounded by pretty countryside as well with Elveston Castle on the other side of the road.

Beechwood is set in about 30acres and because l knew it would strain Wibble with her heart l carried her a lot. After tramping over half the campsite the southern contingent turned up (late) and we had to retrace our steps.
Some of the group tried to beat (or kill) each other go-karting then southern contingent (again) made more work by wanting to look inside the cabins.
Back to the other end of the site as management were free only for a few minutes, then back to the other side of the site where we had been to examine the new site section and our camp overflow which will have some golf holes in by the time we arrive in July.

By the end of it all my arms were dropping off. Wibble is only now about 8kgs but she got very heavy. I am not normally a “carry the dog” person but she would have had a bad time had l not carried her. So l had the hard time instead. She doe not like being carried anyway and struggled quite a bit which didn't help. Still at least she isn't a big dog.

A yummy pub lunch just down the road from Beechwood at Harrington Arms helped to lift the spirit. Excellent food and a small pub garden with dogs on leads welcome and a big bowl of water for the dogs.

I went off to see friends in Derby back midnight then work the next day at 7am. By the end of work Sunday l was drained.

I want to get the garden sorted no time for the wicked as they say l have started to dig it over. Spuds to go in soon and my tomato seeds are coming up nicely in their little seed tray.Hub had a moan as he say's l have chosen the soggiest part of the garden, clay and boggy. My idea is to work my way across and do it on the slightly raised section just l want the garden dug over.

I bought a small hand fork to weed pre turning which l have hardly used sticking to the big fork instead. Forget the weeds and grass and some fancy small hand rotary thingy which l returned within an hour as totally useless. It won’t even work in my plant pots l had a go to see if it could get into even potting soil.

Few days off until Easter when l am doing all of it on the night shift. Trust me to say yes to a bank holiday. I know that it is going to be lovely and sunny the whole time and l will sleep through it.


joker the lurcher said...

i love growing stuff to eat - my veggie bed is going well so far this year. we don't have a lot of space so things get packed in quite tightly!

Vetnurse said...

There isn't going to be loads this is my test year. Keep cost down to see how l go. If all ok go mad next year. Also it gives me a year to get the rest of the ground ready. Slow l realise but l was going to cover it all with gravel as it is like a mini field!!.