Tuesday, 11 January 2011

barclays and the Motorhome

The saga is still dragging on with sending the motorhome back which is in Brian's name.

The finance was taken out under clydesdale/barclays finance it was a large amount as we had a camper we were trading in and they rolled figures around. The finance was all in Brian's name and l couldn't afford to keep the camper so l arranged for barclays to take the motorhome back.

Well l tried to, but they said it was a loan and they wanted the money. I pointed out it was a lease purchase according to the paperwork and all over it said that the vehicle remained the property of clydesdale/barclays until it was fully paid up.
I got nowhere though they refused to speak to me just sending messages via the desk jockey who answered the phone and 2 letters saying the same.

I spoke to a lawyer who checked the paperwork and said "If you sell that vehicle you are committing theft" and agreed that l should do what l had threatened as l needed the space at home. So in September l took it to a campsite and dumped it there, removed the insurance and notified dvla of what was happening and that as far as l was concerned it was the property of barclays bank.
Even though l told barclays and sent them a letter of this they never replied. I had spoken to the Financial Ombudsan who said give Barclays time to reply before sending the paperwork in.
I gave up waiting for a reply to my letter telling them what l had done and in late November re-rang the FO. They were shocked l had waited so long and had actually put it down as sorted. It was a nice guy there l spoke to who said hurry up and get the information in l shouldn't have put myself through all that worry for so long they had meant wait a couple of weeks and not months so l sent all the paperwork to the FO

This was a mixed blessing. It turns out that the FO couldn't deal with the finance on the motorhome as it wasn't finance that fell within their remit. The adjudicator who got the case though was an Angel. She contacted barclays and pointed out the problem at which barclays sent a letter that said.. "Oh my you are right we DO own the motorhome, l wonder how we overlooked that?, would you tell the executor that we will collect the motorhome, sell it and wipe out the debt"

I was over the moon, the FO adjudicator said if l had any problems to get back to her and she would see what else she could do. She was not happy at all at barclays behaviour and shoddy treatment of me and was upset she couldn't deal with them properly.

After a couple of days l had no paper work so rang barclays and back on the treadmill.
"You have to sell it"
"No you do you told the FO that you would sell it and wipe out the debt"
"The site can sell it"
"No it is a campsite they are storing it"
"Yes they have to sell it"
"No they are a campsite.."
After about 5x repeating this l lost my temper and asked if the conversation was being recorded.
"Yes of course"
"Good as l am speaking to a congenital idiot listen and l will speak VERY slowly...Some people have a bit of land, you go there and put tents up and stay there for a couple of days. There was a patch of dead ground and they let me dump the mototrhome there, there is nothing there but bare earth and the odd tent... do you understand?"
"Well get the dealer to sell it" the was the uncompromising reply
I lost my temper told them l would see them in court and slammed the phone down. I rang the FO back who had given me her personal number.
She rang back about an hour later having spoken to the FO liaison at barclays who would investigate it and get back to me. I spoke to him the next day and he was pulling in paperwork and would speak to me after Christmas.
True to his word he rang me and told me to speak to recovery and if any trouble to get back to him.

I finally felt more positive and spoke to recovery where l now got a second full name, barlcays people won't give out names that way they can practice denial. She said they were looking into if they could just collect it or needed to repossess it.
She rang back at the end of last week that they were speaking to the dealer to see if they would collect it and sell it or if it had to go to auction and should be able to let me know this week.
I am awaiting that phone call but feel l may be getting to the end of a 6mth nightmare with barclays/clydesale finance.

We shall see..........


Dave the Dog said...

Fingers crossed!

LibraLass said...

Hang in there Caro. It will happen. They are all such a bunch of idiots at Barclays and about as much good as a chocolate teapot. Most unhelpful people Banks have.