Monday, 17 January 2011

Collected at Last!

The motorhome went a few minutes ago. The battery was dead and they had to jump start it. The reverse which was difficult has totally gone they had to push it backwards to get it out.
An acquaintance said back in July time the gears needed to be synced and it was a common problem on fiat easy to sort. He was a mechanic and had he realised there was a problem before we packed up the and were leaving the braai he would have sorted it for me.

The people who collected it are apparently going straight to the auction with it. Now remains to be seen how much they get for it l have been told by the main dealer (Brownhills of Newark) who have been very helpful that it will be about 23 to 25k.

I just want to get things closed so l can move on having company's hassling me gets tedious when l am doing my best and they seem to lack the competency to deal with their side properly.

No matter what they have hassled over it has never actually been my fault it has come down as theirs. From Mint threatening legal action and bailiffs for non payment despite my phone calls, letters, death cert.nothing actually seemed to register on their tiny minds.
To barclays who didn't "do" anything that was the problem l was sitting with what felt like a time bomb on my hands.

I feel like the mine field is not quite so active and things may settle down at last. My advice to anyone dealing with wills and estates. Check your legal standing then grab on like a pitbull with a bone, don't let go.
Don't be afraid to call in help or advice when it is needed & write down names, times and dates who you dealt with and check calls are recorded keep copies of all correspondence. So long as you do things right, send what's needed when asked for paperwork wise, they look the idiots and will continue to do so if it ends up in court. Thankfully so far avoided but l was & am willing to do so especially over the motorhome.

Thankfully we both have wills but above all else:
Because whatever you think you know about dying & whatever you believe about your goods and family & inheritance you don't know until it has affected you & when emotionally ripped apart that is not a good time to learn you were totally wrong in damm near every one of your assumptions.


Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

So agree about the will! What a mess...
In our case, we did have a will, written when the children were Infants over 20 years ago. After the divorce, we were advised to write new ones. I did. He did not.... The will left everything to me. However, it was invalid as we were divorced. As next of kin I arranged everything... Sorted it all out, and appointed oldest son as administrator.
It has been stressful.... But now sorted.
My children are comforted by the fact I have a current and valid will in the desk... Less hassle in the untimely event of my demise.
We don't mean to die young but we do, and sudden death and all it's trauma, inquests, coroners, media etc is more than enough without will issues!
We have the inquest next month.
Glad the motorhome has gone :)

Vetnurse said...

Glad your problems are semi sorted as well Fi. The inquest is hard going but l felt better for going than not.

People have said once the inquest is done things are closed and you can get on with things I am pleased to say l never have said that to anyone it isn't true, it isn't over, it is just another hurdle to jump.

Pain never ends like those who have lost folks just learn to live with it.

For me what helps is that l still feel Brian is here in spirit helping me and l chat and cuss as if he was here in person & treat him pretty much the same.

Anonymous said...

So how are things with you? I drop by your blog most weeks to see if you've put anything up, and understand if you haven't, but it would nice to know that things are working out. Well, I hope they are. :D