Friday, 14 January 2011

Motorhome update

Several phone calls over the last 3 days. As l got impatient and kicked up again. They have asked where it is, again!.

They were on about asking the dealer to take it, l said they won't touch it and they didn't believe me. They made the mistake of not believing me again as they are slow learners. Upon speaking to the finance guy at the dealer they suddenly believed me he updated me about the ripped earhole he gave them over their behaviour towards me and made it clear they wouldn't touch it.
1) It has been sitting for 6months
2) They don't want anything to do with barclays as kicked them out couple years ago from providing finance.
3) Don't want to get involved in any way with barclays again.
4) They don't have storage for it as have their own full inventory they can make money from as opposed to costing them trouble.

I reminded barclays when l gave them the storage info (again) they owe a not inconsiderable amount, heading for a couple of grand for storage which had they sorted this out 6months ago wouldn't have accrued.
And you guessed correctly, l warned them months ago about the fees, and told them furthermore they will not be able to collect it until it is paid. The keys and log book are "safely" lodged at the storage place.

The info was passed like a hot potato to "recovery" if they want to drag their heels that's fine the money is mounting up at one end and the vehicle is devaluing at the other.

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