Friday, 7 January 2011

We aint finished Christmas yet!

I nipped into Sainsburys for some bit's last night. Surrounded by all the few days post Christmas sell off's, when many people still have Christmas decorations and cards up, there, spread proudly on several shelves, was a display of Hot cross buns!

I staggered off poking myself in the eyeball to see if l was possibly hallucinating but no.. they were still there and a bit further on was Easter maltesers, they seemed to have a rabbit ear top on them.

I gave up at this point and scurried out of the shop muttering darkly about Easter, Christmas and commercialism. I am totally not religious which is just as well because if l was l think l would be offended at what is a total corruption of something that a lot of people hold close to themselves in favour of the fast buck.
As it is l am just fed up of all the false hype that goes with life nowadays and seems to try and stop people finding their own meaning or none for feast days in favour of mass brainwashing, overspending and consumption.


Joker the Lurcher said...

its mad isn't it? my friend was in tesco and saw the assistant filling shelves with easter eggs and said to her 'its mad, isn't it?' to which the assistant replied 'its what people want.' not sure its what i want...

Dave the Dog said...

What you said!