Monday, 17 January 2011


It has been a damaged penis wave with animals in the last 2 shifts we have had 3 dogs with badly damaged penis 2 were sewn back on as not totally ripped off. The last was put down due to damage, it was totally ripped off and age of the patient.

The other thing we are having is the "diabetic" month. Last shift we had 2 unstable diabetics in last night was 5 unstable diabetics. Not sure why we seem to have these plateaus of certain cases. In the diabetic cases it isn't Christmas indulgence, all the owners are used to dealing with diabetic pets and very strict.

It seems to happen in waves, we will have a mass kidney failure wave or a liver problem wave or ....something wave.

Works been really slow coming in lately. Usually l am at the emergency clinic so don't notice but at the moment not many folks taking time off so no work.
The locum agency's say this dead patch at this time of the year is normal. There is a lot of long term maternity cover out there but 1)It is far away and 2)I only like short term it means you are not tied in and end up having to ask for time off or mess the practice about when you take pre arranged time off.
I was offered a couple of jobs at places l had been and while said l may consider them they thankfully came to nothing, l doubt l could have stomached the places.

Still l am ok for now and taking advantage of the break. I worked last night and by the time 23:00 came l was so exhausted l could barely make it to the car and drive home. For the first time in ages l got 6hrs uninterrupted sleep as opposed to a couple of hours 4 max and very interrupted.


Joker the Lurcher said...

ouch! we used to get the same effect at work - must be the moon or something!

Vetnurse said...

How strange it affects other jobs doing different things as well. Like you say has to be the moon or something!!