Sunday, 26 October 2008

2 More Police Calls

The call came in, in the early hours from the police about a pony wandering along the busy ‘A’ road.
The driver was not to sure if it would go in the back of the van, but we had been assured it was only a tiny animal.
He was also worried about being kicked. I gave him a big sheet and told him to cover the pony’s eyes and all would be fine, and finally a couple of tied together dog leads to go around animal’s neck.

He trundled off and came back about an hour later with the pony in the back. We lifted it out in a reverse of the procedure to get it on-board.
We covered pony's eyes over (if we did not the driver was not helping me) and finally hurt our backs lifting him out.
We only had isolation free that was practical for use. I raided all the bunny hay l could find and found and bucket for water.
He was claimed later in the day, he had gone walkabout from a gypsy encampment.

I am not surprised that police go nuts at the paperwork. Apparently the copper was writing down that the pony was facing in a north easterly direction along the side of the eastbound carriageway on rough ground. Along with a lot more erroneous information. I mean for gods sake doe’s it matter?

Pony in 'iso'


l worked at another practice when the police rang ahead that they were bringing in a dangerous dog. It had almost attacked the officers that grabbed him and they were bringing him in at great personal risk.
I grabbed dog grab and gloves and awaited the great coming.

About 10minutes later a big van turned up with 2 very scared police officers in.
“Be careful” they shouted as l creaked open the side door slightly to get a look. It did seem very quiet for a killer dog, then l saw it.

A small Jack Russell Terrier was scratching his ear, and making grunty noises at the itchy feeling.
“Psst, whatya doing scaring those poor lads”? l said to him
The dog waddled over and licked my hand. I picked him up and carried him in past 2 very deflated police.

I don’t know what excuse they came up with to other officers that asked about the “dangerous dog” but l am sure they managed to think up some excuse.
To be fair JRT can sometimes be nasty. l knew one that no one could get near, he was deaf, kept in a stable and never handled.
This one was sweet, l think it just was the lads were genuinely scared of it.

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