Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Superglue and Spiders

Today we had a hailstorm, it was then proceeded by about 1 inch or so of snow, which, as l write this at 19:30 is still lying in thick blankets around the place. I was so happy to see the snow, not. And to top things off l have a rotten cold.
Thank goodness l am living in, l do not have to drive home. Just climb upstairs and fall into bed. Wibble had to be carried out to go to the loo. She refused to go out and kept doing U turns as soon as her nose ventured out of the door, she also hates cold weather.


What a varied life veterinary nursing is. I remember one case l took a phone call from a worried owner. He had a tarantula whose leg had been pulled off somehow and wanted to know what could be done as there was some blood dripping out.
I had a look in the vet directory and rang the big zoo vets practice in Yorkshire to ask for advice.
“Throw the pulled off leg away. Put a drop of glue onto the damaged part to seal it, make sure that the other 7 legs do not come into contact with the glue till it is dry. If it has lost to much blood, it need only be drops bearing in mind the size of the animal then it won’t live.”

I rang back and passed on the advice, and asked for a call back to update me how things went, as it was so unusual a case. Unfortunately the guy never let me know how the spider did.

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