Friday, 3 October 2008

Swimming at Night

It was fairly quiet last night. We had a big discharge session. Amongst them the 2 brothers went, still as bouncy as when they came in the night before.

The IMHA cat went home his PCV up to 16% post blood transfusion and will be an out patient while we await test results. His donor was still in as his Mum is ill and unable to collect him. He is an old hand though just feed him and life is good.

The RTA head trauma cat with wired jaw and other facial damage went home. He will need syringe feeding for a long time, possibly a couple of months and strict rest but is able to get that at home. Amazing that despite all he has been through he is so happy, still tries to groom himself as well. Not really a good idea when you can not close your mouth properly but it is his choice.

By a twist of fate we had in another diabetic dog that was in the same kennel as the one who was put down the day before with identical symptoms. It happened to be the only free kennel in Critical Care. This time the owners decided that they did not want to try treatment, it was an older patient than the other one.

The 2 strays, dog and cat reached day 3. The other stray, a big cross breed with a vaginal prolapse that the dog warden brought in, was finally collected at about 22:00 last night. She will to go to their kennels.
What a softie, as soon as you tried to grab her scruff to inject her she would throw herself onto her back to have her tummy tickled. This meant either struggling with a 25kg dog that was determined to not have an injection by acting cute or pulling a chunk of scruff out from under her and injecting that.
I don't think she knew the word nasty and would have been shocked to think that she had teeth that could bite.

A rabbit was admitted last night that was found collapsed. His owners having decided that it was better to leave him alone inside while they went out as it was raining. Not sure what happened to him but from comments made possibly something fell over and wacked him.
Thankfully his appetite was undiminished, once he was placed upright. It can be a nightmare syringe feeding rabbits most do not like it and get them selves very stressed, however you have too keep food going in as they need constant food. Catch 22.

I take my dog Wibble (The black/tan/white one in the photo) with me to work. We went out the back so she could have a quick loo break but l didn't realise it had been raining. Anything more than 10min of hard rain and the back area turns into a pool. We plunged into 4 inches of freezing cold water, carried out a mid air about turn and shot back inside shivering, winter has arrived.

Still have in the post op laparotomy Boxer with awful diarrhoea. Lovely dog, short temperament. He has nearly had a few of us now. Last night when l took his muzzle off he tried to take my hand off, he likes vary of attack, muzzle going on, muzzle going off, muzzle on, he gets top marks for perseverance.
He is a fussy eater when it is normal food but seems to think the idea of buffet a la VN is worth trying.
Of course on a patient that has such a short fuse you assume that the fates will deal a bad hand. They decided on a patient needing long term care, on a drip and needing lots of oral medication, because he has started to get injection reactions.

Management have pulled a really good one. Half of the night staff, those due to work next weekend have been booked to go to the annual Veterinary Nursing Conference. I am already pre-booked to cover day and midshifts and they can not get cover staff. Not many VN are willing to work either nights or weekends, those that are have booked for congress.
The head nurse who has been off for several weeks after "flight training" down a set of stairs and only got back last week wasn't informed till then. Will refrain from adding her comments on trying to sort the situation.

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