Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Referral Practice (Part1)

I am at a small referral practice, have been for the past 2.5 weeks and staying until the end of November.
They only see referrals here, no first opinion work. In other words it is not your average “go to vet” with a pet that is ill or needs vaccinations or general work done. It is a world leader in it’s field.

The practice is in a lovely part of the country and set in a 3 storey Victorian house. I would say that is the main killer. My bedroom is in the heavens and I have to carry Wibble up to bed and down in the morning. She took one look at the 3rd set of stairs to the bedroom and went on strike. Originally during the day she snoozed in a kennel, assuming she wasn’t having a quick sulk and howl.
We needed her kennel the other day and since then she sleeps in her bed just outside the office so that she can keep an eye on life. If she gets restless l get a shout that she may need the loo.

Off duty there is no TV but l have my radio for good old BBC Radio4, and l can get online in the evening. A hot bath if l want one, and a microwave for me to perfect my culinary skills in, well follow the instructions on the food box.
I have decided (thanks to 3rd floor jog) l need to get fit. My cooking all week has been a salmon fillet and vegetables m’wave meal. I decided to stop eating the mayonnaise l usually spoon onto my food. Tonight l bought a bottle of ‘presquosed’ garlic. Thing is l may have overdone it, l used about 3 spoonfuls still l can not smell with my cold so l am ok.

I use my phone radio (radio4 or classic) plugged into my ear when l am cleaning, or using the computer in the evening. I discovered today, I can turn the speaker on and listen without the ear piece. This means the radio doesn’t loose the signal as l move around, and l don’t get a sore ear from the ear piece rubbing. I never use both earpieces.

People wise, it is only a small practice and what a fantastic group. You know things are good when you go to bed and able to have a good belly laugh at things that have been said during the day, or be able to blush for putting your foot in it yet again. All to often you can go to bed depressed at work life, not here.

As this is proving to be rather a long blog l will say more about the work that is done here in tomorrows blog. Why “my little mind is blown” and what makes this practice so unique in the veterinary world.

The photo is an ariel view up in the practice reception.

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