Saturday, 25 October 2008


I see pedigree chum have dumped crufts the worlds most famous dog show. Of course it is nothing to do with the publicity that has been going on thanks to BBC expose about just some of the problems with dog breeding.
BBC, RSPCA and Dogs Trust dumped crufts when the truth came out. Oh the hypocrites, all of them have known for years about what is being produced by the great British breeders with the full authority of the kennel club.
Oh sorry kennel club are ploughing money in to sorting the problems in breeds. Well guess what kennel aint doing a good job.
They have started to revamp breed standards. Sorry kennel club to little to late.
Those breeds that have the major problems are those breeds that everyone wants, they carry the "breeding money" in them and the animals pay the price.

I went to visit crufts once a few years back. I actually went to drop a ships radio off to a vet friend who was there for the day. We lived opposite ends of the country and it seemed ideal centre point as a meeting spot.
Also if l dislike something l feel l should see if that was the correct instinct, for me, it was l hated it. The pimping and preening of the dogs, the snobbery from breeders and handlers l took one look at them and got instant teeth grind, the sheer falsity of it all.

I was going from the car park to the exhibition and this woman got on with 2 shar peis ohhh wonderful, how pretty everyone was cooing.
I edged far away thinking "Go on someone touch them and when you remove your hands from the teeth say that". I felt let down when no one tried to pat the dogs.
Not that this wonderful breed with, eye, skin, skeletal problems, that some insurance companies won’t touch is nasty as well, perish the thought.

My introduction to the breed was when l was at “A Oranges” vet practice.
I caught and held the shar pei on the dog grab, the nearest anyone could get to the dog in question unless it’s muzzle was on. Unfortunately the owner took it off and home when he put the dog in the kennel for us.
I pinned it in the corner so a nurse could sedate. Then l sat, holding the dog grab and gazing into space, till the deep sedative took effect on the patient.

It came awake so fast post x-rays and lunged for me in one movement, l had not managed to remove the ET tube. The dog, in one bite, bit through a very thick size 12 endotracheal tube. I grabbed the swinging end still connected by a thin rubber strip and pulled, nearly lost my fingers.

I know l have said dogs get stressed at the vets but some breeds do not need that excuse.

Rotties can often be nice till you want to treat them, hence using muzzles and not trusting them 100% for whatever treatment they are about to have, dressings change, nail clip, teeth check, staples/sutures removal, needle jab etc.

Shar peis for most veterinary staff fall into the "do not trust any time" category.

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