Monday, 13 October 2008

Sticks and Stones

It was a warm day and the Lab’s owners took him for a walk. He was 18months old, about 35kg and a happy, bouncy dog.

The ball had been left at home so they found a stick, a nice bit of wood and ripped the rough bits off it. The husband teased the dog with the stick a couple of times to get him excited then threw it.
Off went the dog and a minute later was back, stick dropped and barking for more. The owner threw it again and it caught in a small bush, scarcely more than a twig.

That twig was enough to hold the stick slightly upright. When the dog bounded over he slammed into the stick mid bark. He would never bark or bound again. The stick rammed into the roof of his mouth and down his throat with his full weight behind it.

The owners were 5 minutes away in a local park and they pushed the dog straight into their van and to the vet’s. By the time he got there nothing could be done, he had almost bled out in the van.
The vet attempted to place a tracheotomy tube but the dog was to far gone and the damage to great.
His oesophagus (where food goes down) and trachea (tube to lungs) had been turned into an almost single channel. Even if he had not bled out, with his throat as it was he was past saving.

This happened, I never found out the dogs name, l placed the iv catheter and when that proved to be past use, l helped place him into a body bag.


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