Friday, 5 December 2008


I had a busy day yesterday worked all day as a vet nurse, then in the evening went to do my occasional job, life modelling for art groups. I do not do it much as vet nursing takes up most of my time.
Life modelling is a job that is ideal for us “larger” folks. If extra curves are added who cares, and if we look skinny great, apparently skinny people are not that way inclined.
Considering how l feel about the cold this is an obscure job. My worries are not about standing naked in front of a group of people that does not worry me.
The worries are how warm will it be, then in no particular order. When is coffee break, will l stay awake (it can be a struggle to stay awake in a long pose) will l manage to get poses that are a challenge. Will my knees handle the strain of some of the poses l attempt. I do not like just standing or sitting. The group are there to practice perspectives etc, so l see it as my job to give them something interesting to practice drawing.

The small art groups are best, they are a good laugh and relaxed. The universities are serious, the rooms tend to be freezing, and they only do life modelling in winter.
It went off well last night l got several "OMG how the hell can we draw that" so l know my poses were good.
I had 2 fan heaters blasting on me. Coffee was also supplied with three biscuits which was also my dinner. I had not eaten since a small pack of garage bought pasta at midday.
To top it off l have been invited over for the Christmas quiz next week, if l am not working.

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joker the lurcher said...

i used to live with an artist (big mistake!) and did a bit of this for him. i used to get really dizzy from keeping still for so long - maybe because i rarely am still normally!