Saturday, 27 December 2008

Fire in the Hold!

My cooking is not good, my dogs have refused it, hub cooks l wash up, he says it is safer that way and also edible. So l guess the following should not be a surprise as my Boxing Day efforts show:

Take 3 small Christmas puddings.
Decide to have one
No cooking instructions - so guess
Pierce lid and place in m/wave for 3mins (seems an average time for most things)
Leave for 1 minute once pinged
Go to kitchen
Smoke pouring out of m/wave
Open door and engulfed in smoke but no flame (thankfully)
Remove plate holding melted plastic and contents
Throw melted plastic "creature" outside
Leave door open to remove smoke
Wallop smoke detectors that are screaming in fear
Once cooled take all 3 Christmas puddings back to co-op
Get refund

So how did your Boxing Day go?


dickiebo said...

Why are you taking the little puds back? C'mon now. It was YOU who fouled-up the cooking. Right?

joker the lurcher said...

me too - i leave all cooking to the man! boxing day was very quiet as my son was ill and slept all day and hubs went to the footie. so i sat by the fire feeling a little lonely.

this morning almost got off to a bad start - found young dave the puppy with a chewed up packet of tramadol in his bed. once we counted them and worked out he had not swallowed any we worked out he had got them from the drawer where my husband keeps his meds - it is always closed but my husband must have left it open last night when he took his last thing at night pills. needless to say the tramadol now live upstairs in the medicine cabinet and all other pills are in a tightly closed box.

Auntie Jane said...

ROFLOL... Me finks you left it in the microwave a little too long... Apart from that, you should have taken the lid off.

I am assuming it came in a red plastic bowl? Mine did, also from the Co-op. I had a small one and put it in on hight for 2 minutes. It was fine.

As you said... leave the cooking to hubs!

Vetnurse said...

Dickiebo my Mum bought the things but as l had set one almost ablaze she was not prepared to use them so l figured l would get her money back. They didn't argue at the shop :-))

Joker hope your son is feeling better. Am so glad to hear that the tablets were all there. It would have got expensive with blood tests(several of over several days) and drips for a couple of days which means also vets hospitalisation fees.
If the lads are not insured l would look at pet plan, the for life policy.
And don't mention anyone eating the tramadol they may assume that one or other will need a vet at some time for a foreign body (s'omit lodged in gut)

Jane it had a little sealed lid so l took off the outer wrapping and punched holes in the sealed lid. Didnt think you took off the sealed one :-( bloody cooking

Roses said...

I believe you should always stick to what you're best at, and be friends with people with opposite skills to your own. I cook, I don't wash up...if ever you're in Norwich...come see me, you'll be more than welcome.

Your word verification cracks me up - today it's uncol.