Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy and Prosperous New Year

I wrote the poem and dedicated it to my Aunt Audrey Doidge who passed with cancer, she was always ready for a good laugh and was an excellent cook.

For all those who have lost friends, family or have had a bad time due to whatever circumstances in 2008, l hope that 2009 will bring some light into your lives with laughter and hope.

To my friends, family and blog readers thanks for being able to put up with me for another year. And to My Parents and Husband a HUGE hug and Thanks for being "you".


May the feet that stumble
Be placed back on the level

May the eyes that cry
Be wiped and helped to smile

May the body or mind hurt or fearing
Be healed and calmed

May those lost upon life’s path
Be guided to safely by your clear bright light

May happiness, peace and prosperity
Find a place within us all

(C) CL VN AUG 05



Auntie Jane said...

A lovely poem... Hope you have a happy New Year and good health and happiness through 2009.

Annette said...

Thats lovely.
And a happy new year to you and yours too.

joker the lurcher said...

i love this poem - happy new year to you too from us!

Roses said...

Hope you, your hub and family have a great start to 2009!

Keep up the good work, your blog's fab.

Hogday said...

Happy New Year Vetnurse. Great pome! May our Gods bless us, every one.

PC Plastic Fuzz said...

Happy New Year and thank you for your words.

Sage said...

Lovely words, have a great new year yourself, full of blessings and joy xx xx