Thursday, 18 December 2008

The Stray Puppy (Part 2)

This is just a short blog, l need to go and watch the inside of my eyelids. Tonight has been a very busy night at work. I met myself a few times! The important part and why l put this up now was that l have updates and photos on the staffie pup. He had his op today, there looks to be quite a lot of nerve damage but with physio will see how it goes.

X-Ray of the right femur 2 positions. 1st is a side view 2nd is lying on his back. The red arrow points to the fracture.

He had an external fixator applied. The x-ray is a final check before the xfix is set in place. The small round looking things are staples closing the op site.

When l got in at 14:00 he was recovering in critical care.

At 17:00 He was having a snack.

19:00 He had to have a buster collar on as he was trying to eat his drip line.
22:00 he was evicted into dog ward l popped a toy polar bear in with him for company as he was yapping and bouncing up and down. I also removed his drip as he was eating and drinking and took his buster collar off. If he starts to pester the external fixator though, it goes back on.

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