Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Samurai Sword Attack

Animals are not immune from being attacked by humans. This little jack Russell was sleeping peacefully when someone tried to break into the house. He jumped up and tried to defend the family.

The family managed to bolt the door but the JRT ended up on the wrong side. The person did run away but not before he had attacked the game little protecter with a Samurai Sword.

He was lucky that there was only the head wound although l suspect that he received several kicks at the same time. It looks bad, a general anaesthetic clip, stitch and clean up and he trotted proudly out of the surgery the next day. Head held high, but l bet a mighty headache.

This was one of many animals mainly dogs l have seen over the years that have been attacked by people for all sorts of reasons. Including eating or messing up drug stashes, not liking the colour of the animal, the dog threw up in the house/car, it was noisy, it smelt, it bit them or their animal/child and many other reasons.

Others are rambling reasons. The strangest l have dealt with was a phone call from a female. She rambled on and on at fast speed about the …? she had locked in a basket. It? had screamed and screamed and now it? was quiet and her friend said it? was dead cause the eyes were staring and open. She did not mean to be cruel just felt it? Was better in the basket where they? Could not get to it?.

I had to cut her short and say “I am sorry but are you talking about a dog or cat or what?”

She said “l told you l have just come out of a mental institution l am schizophrenic it depends who l am as to what animal l have”.
I am afraid l gave up about here and told her l thought the animal was dead to contact RSPCA for help.

Jack Russell Terrier attacked with a Samurai sword. The fetching head bandage was just a temporary measure till he was stitched up.


Dave the Dog said...

She looks a lovely little thing, reminds me of my old JRT. Glad to hear she's going to be okay.

It brought back memories of a job years ago. The report was a dog lying injured outside a block of flats. When I got there it was a GSD Bitch, obviously dead. When I picked her up all I could feel was crepitus everywhere. I learned that some 'people', term used very loosely, had taken her onto the roof (about 10 stories) and thrown her off. No-one was willing to identify her killers though.

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - and I can't imagine why your kittens might become insane !! lol

Great post. Vet clinics see some tragic cases....and people can be so cruel. I had a Sheltie coming in that had been beaten and throttled by an owner... marriage dispute I recall. Sadly it was so bad, she died, and later I had to give evidence in court. At the post mortem, every inch of the dog was showing haemorrhage under the skin, but no broken bones.

Here in NZ the local SPCA works with Child Youth and Family Services - if they vist homes they report abused children or animals to each other, which is a great step forward.

Sage said...

Bless, she looks so much like Holly who was one of mine and she was fiercely protective.. the pack was her pack and we were hers to guard...

So sad that people can mistreat animals like that these days... we need to step back from the violence and have standards.

Anonymous said...

Awww, poor little guy. Glad he's all fixed up now.

Roses said...

What a hero!

Alerting his family to peril and trying to protect them.

I have a cat. I'm under no allusions that she would even wake up, never mind be interested in protecting me or Boy in the event of a break in.

Mind you, she might cause the death of the miscreant, by twining herself round his legs in the hopes of food and attention...

Hogday said...

Jack Russell's rock. Montkinson was quite moved and upset by this story and asked me to send his best wishes from England.