Tuesday, 11 November 2008

11th Hour 11th Day 11th Month

In Memory of all the Rhodesian servicemen and civilians that gave their lives and health as a result of the Bush War, you did not loose, your courage shone through. Politicans and the world overwhelmed you.

For all those who have died or suffered since the murderous regime took over a lovely country and destroyed it. In the hope that sanity and (MDC) will overcome zanu-pf.

We are African, not because we are born in Africa, but because, Africa is born in us.


Listen to the voice of Africa, scattered to the winds.
The pain of nature ploughs furrows into the silence.
The grain of sadness is sown,and the tears of regret water it.

Walk quietly, least you trip and fall, in the fields of sadness.
Beware you do not splash, through the streams of regret.
Hatred is the blood of Africa now

Reach out and grasp the soul of Africa
Hold it close to your heart, let it feel the beat of life.
Let drops of your emotions trickle into the dust, to show that love lives.
Speak out, let the world hear that one voice can still speak.
Let the world know, that those that destroy have not destroyed all.
And show that one person, CAN make a difference

© CL vn 24-6-03

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licorice said...

Thank you Caro. Never a day passes without a memory.