Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Photos and Shifts

The bangs are going off around here but due to Wibbles deafness she is sleeping peacefuly. As sorry as l am for her lacking hearing it is great that she is not a quivering wreck.

I decided to get the photo album started and have some photos in already. As they go into the blog l will copy to the album with a note of the blog they follow on from, and comments on the photos that may be of interest. (please feel free to add comments on the blog or photos - Hint!!)
The link to the photos is just under my profile on the right

I decided that l will not make the photo album a place of gory gratuitous photos they will only go up if there is a blog for them If no blog then a good reason.
Like the photo of Bruce in the Rescue section. He has no special story, he was a lovely dog with a sad ending and an unknown history. This is my way to show he had a place in life, as much as others with stories.

Still have loads of photos to digitize but have at least made a start on the task. Pity when l took them camera phones were not in, nor were digital cameras. Just good old paper, well digital cameras were about but were very expensive.

I have taken several great photos at the practice and "da Boss Man" is fine about them going up. I will pop them on when l get home at the weekend. He isnt a bad bloke. I have just nicked his other double butter and sultana scone for my desert, to be fair he said he did not want them to help ourselves. I had no option but to rehome them.

On the subject of work l feel guilty because l said no to covering the 17:30-03:30 shift this saturday night. Got a phone call last night about 22:00 from the head nurse at my old/regular practice.
I have not had a proper break for several weeks of working away from home. And working at least one day over weekends. I am in need of a couple of days for myself, to catch up on life that has been shoved into a corner.
For once common sense won over the feeling l have to say ok to working and overrode the feeling that l was letting people down by saying no.
Having said that l may end up feeling bad and offer to do the shift anyhow (has happened like this before)

Through a major series of cock ups the HN had just been rung by the late shift nurse who told that her flight is booked and there is no one to cover her 3 shifts The reason the HN did not know about the holiday was she had been off work with a damaged leg.
The comment from the gods to the staff not to bother the HN had been over uninportaint items, holidays and cover do not fall into this, still it is immaterial now as Rome is burning.

I knew about the holiday several weeks ago, and was told that the nurse did not want me to cover as she did not want to use holiday time, just do swops with other night staff, that way she did not loose holiday.
So l left things that if l was wanted call me. She didn't and l booked work all the way through until the end of November at the present job. Not that that has stopped me working at my old place on weekends just it is catching up on me, l seriously need some unwind and me time.

Due to a change in the rules at the practice they can only take on locums if 1) the locums work as a ltd company 2) the practice pays the locums and does their tax and ni 3) the locums go through an agency that take the tax and ni.
This has put a huge dent in the pool of available locums most of us are self employed. I am also one of the few locums that does not mind working nights or weekends.,

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