Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Blog Photo Question

Just got in from a CPD on analgesia excellent meal, brilliant speaker. I drove past the Holiday Inn 6 times as the flyer sent out to the practice from the company doing the talk that it was at the Marriot hotel. In the end l went into Holiday Inn to be told ohh.. no we bought out Marriot hotel 2 years ago.

I took pages of notes, rare for me but this was to well put and memorable not to take notes, asked a lot of questions, not rare for me, and will be bending a lot of vets ears over what we have been told tonight.

Having a quick coffee before bed, l logged on to have a quick mooch as no TV.
Does anyone else have problems with photos in their blogs? I keep loosing them and having to reupload. It is driving me nuts, any help appreciated!.

On that note l need to go fall asleep, my eyes are open with matchsticks.

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Roses said...

I haven't had problems with photos on here, mainly YouTube.

As to directions, I hate giving them and getting them, unless it's from people I know.