Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Slobber & Phones

Managed the castle this morning, once l got Wibs out of bed. She was so not amused. Snuggled deeper, then when poked cocked an eye at me, finally l evicted her and took her downstairs. Sorted her and the inpatient, this means l stood in the doorway shivering while they “wet the car park”.

When it was time to go to the car, l had a muted argument with her [Wibble] Muted because she is deaf and can only hear certain pitches and muted as l did not want to wake the neighbours bellowing at her. In the end l went and grabbed her and carried her to the car.

Have a lovely bruise along with 2 puncture wounds on the inner section of my arm. A cat we were scanning decided “Ok had enough, l want out”. It got better l spent ages washing slobber slime off my arms. Newfies (Newfoundland’s) are sweet enough, but l would so like them better if they did not bath everything in slobber.

I am looking to get the new C905 Sony Ericsson as my phone upgrade as my Sony E K750 is getting old and abused, it jams as l have dropped it so often, the buttons are sticking.
All was looking good l use this site for reviews. Then l was told today that C905 has a semi touch screen and when using the phone [as a phone] it does all sorts of weird cut outs and things as you accidentally touch the screen with your ear, l was wondering if anyone had it and had any problems with theirs.
The trouble is that we are with 02 business and they have a very limited selection of business phones for some reason.

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Lesley said...

Well done on making the castle, shame poor Wibs, horrid mom taking her out of her nice warm bed..:-)