Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Phones and Food

I have been trying healthy eating and having the Youngs salmon fillet with veg and potatoes in a sauce for dinner and soup and bread roll for lunch. You sort of become more aware of heart problems when you work at cardiology. It has made me more aware of my normal junk food fare that disappears down my throat. Mind you with the variety of shifts l do it is hard to get into a sensible routine.

I also decided to get more exercise in so get up early and take Wibble for a walk round the castle. We got half way to the castle this morning in the car and it started to rain, l turned round and came home, not that keen on exercise.

Found this it is a good arial view of the castle, we walk round the outside wall as it is closed at 7am. Mind you they don't allow dogs inside anyway.

Had a good laugh at a phone call where l am working they do not use computers for client records, paper is easier. Computers are used but more for databases, reports etc. Not the overweight veterinary computers, they do not need all of that here. This means though that you can not just hoist a file up on the click of a button.

The following is a phone call between a client and l. The confusion happens fairly often.

Client "Hello l am Mrs ....... can l speak to the vet please, l was there the other day"

Me "Yes which one?"

Client "Mike l think his name is?"

Me "We have 2 Mikes Mike J and Mike M"

Client "Oh" then brightly "The Irish one"

Me "They are both Irish"

Silence. I am about to ask if they will just hold while l get the file but they perk up.

Client "The one with the beard"

Me with a gulp "Errr they both have beards"

Slight lift of breathing as panic sets in with the client, yet again before before l can ask to put them on hold.

Client triumphantly "I know the little one"

At this point l manage to ask if l can put them on hold and get the file.

"Little" Mike is not little he is a runner and does cross country and competition, he also runs to work and back every day so is built along the lines of a Greyhound.

"Big" Mike does sea kyaking and rugby so is a bigger build.


Roses said...

About every three months or so I announce the next round of healthy lifestyle changes, Boy rolls his eyes and nods. We'll have a couple of days of healthy eating, maybe a work out and then its back to normal.

My sympathy on your customers; it's why I'm glad I've since changed jobs, I can't abide the general public and their daftness anymore.

By the way you have the best word verfication I've ever come across on a blog. Today it's 'abear'.

dickiebo said...

Run back & fore to work? Seems a good idea, so's you can eat more of your fav junk food without feeling guilty!
My son is a fitness freak - currently a student PE Teacher - and eats those smelly salmon fillets ad nauseam!

Lesley said...

So sort of like Little and Large then Caro? LOL
Keep up trying the healthy eating, though you do need to see if you can cook a few more things.

Vetnurse said...

Roses l have managed nearly 2 months that l have been here to eat fairly healthy :-)Excercise is still patchy.

Dickybo no chance with my knees l don't run. I want to take up cycling again even though the physio said not to.
One of the vets here runs 12miles a day to work and back. And he is a small eater as well no junk food.
Have found out today though that if l walk backwards down the stairs going down them my knees dont hurt :-)

Lesley with my record on cooking l shall avoid it unles all 999 systems are warned :-D

dickiebo said...

Then, perhaps, running backwards to work???

Vetnurse said...

Dickiebo sounds good where l am locuming at the moment l sleep in the flat on the 3rd floor at the practice :-))