Sunday, 2 November 2008

A Quiet Night

It was a quiet night last night thankfully. Only about 15 inpatients including a couple of unstable glucose dogs on hourly bloods, oh joy. A few general ongoing medical cases, post ops, couple of RTA’s, an injured bunny and hamster. It was Lhasa Apso night about 5 of them in. The vet was to blame we reckon, he admitted he had been thinking there had not been many in lately, by the time he got in last night we had a full collection of them.
Oh and the computers were down and the computer company did not work on weekends, ok for a normal practice but not good news for a major 24hr veterinary hospital.

Had a lovely stray golden retriever in from an RTA, he was conscious enough after about 2 hours to check his reflexes. 3 of his feet felt nothing despite the vet squeezing had as possible with my forceps, the 4th foot had a slight twitch.
I suggested to the locum that we needed to get him onto the x-ray table and asked him to help me shift the dog, at about 44kg not light.

The locum vet was a semi regular but normally on consults. He not used to the inpatient side. With some injuries the vets had to call ongoing or end treatment as there is no owner to do it. If it is not fixable it is cruel to leave the patient suffering. The x-rays would hopefully give the information the vet needed to diagnose either way.

The second picture was the “finder” a compression fracture of one vertebra and along from that a total spinal fracture. Either were a death sentence, it was a no go for the poor lad and he was put down.
He looked like he had been well loved and somehow got out. The dog was not id chipped so no way of contacting anyone, hope the owner contacts the practice.

A cat was admitted with a terrible tongue ulcer, he had not eaten for at least 2 days other than the odd pick of food. By the time the vet had debrided the area it looked like half of the underneath of one side of the tongue was gone. I popped the cat back in his kennel.
Later l walked into cat ward as he recovered to stagger mode. He seemed very distressed. On a hunch l got a bowl of ad (very fine food especially good for tube feeding) sloshed it with water to make is even sloppier and the cat became a “Dyson vacuum” he surfaced every so often to take a breath and then slurp some more, when the bowl was empty he burped and fell asleep purring.
Que 1 happy vet one happy and vn, the big worry had been would he eat or need a tube placed for feeding, the question had been answered.

The photo was taken pre-debride.

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Vetnurse said...

The bandage showing on the lower canine is a mouth opening device, similar was slipped over the top canine to pull on and both secured so that mouth was held open.