Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Hearts and Books

I was locked into a brilliant book over the last few nights by an author l have not been reading long, Kelley Armstrong and her Otherworld series check her out at

I was reading Bitten. It is about a female werewolf. Not your usual hogwash with terror stricken townsfolk and slashed up humans. Not that there isn’t slashed up people it is just sensibly done, as obscure as that sounds.

Kelly sometimes has her characters interwoven appearing in “person” or named in her different books. This means that they become a large family, but not the Brady Family sort thankfully.
The frustrating thing is that l have finished the book and did not bring another one with me.

It is my last day here tomorrow and can say that l have pretty much loved every minute of it. It has been slow at times but is so calm and no matter how many questions l throw at people they never tire of answering. I just wish l could remember every answer.

In the morning after booking in the patients we tend to have a tea break, it is so civilized. We had a nurse here today seeing practice and she was in shock about it. When she commented to Mike M about how calm and civilized it all was.
He replied that “If it is chaos then how can you think? and if you can not think then mistakes are made”
He is no saint and does have a robust sense of humour but if you can give back as hard as he lobs it then you are fine. He is never nasty just Irish.
I did worry initially at a few things l said may have been going to far, now sod it.. l just lob back as hard. I just wish l was as quick witted.

Wibs has had an ecg. We used her as a guinea pig the other week for the new nurse and l to learn how to run the telephone ecg receiving phone.
She was fine about the crocodile clips being clipped onto her legs, then we put the surgical spirit on them. She had a serious sense of humour failure. Never anything as rude as snapping. I had to pull her off the ceiling though and her eyes left you feeling like you had given her a huge kicking. I wouldn’t mind but she had no broken skin or sting, it is just that it made her cold.
The good news is that the heart worm Wibble had many years ago in Tenerife has not caused any obvious problems.

This practice is so different from general surgery or the emergency vets l have spent the last several years involved with, l love it. Best news for me is that l have been rebooked so l am heading back in the early new year for a short stint.


Roses said...

Good to hear you've enjoyed this stint of work. Poor Wibs, I don't blame her being poked and prodded - good news about her heart though. Heart worm is nasty.

If you like Kelley Armstrong, you'll probably like Patricia Briggs and do try Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series. If you're wise you'll stop at Book 11, when it turns into a slut-fest, but up until then it's good fun.

Vetnurse said...

Thanks for the book advice Roses l will hunt them out :-)

WIbs like it here she snoozes in the office all day. She keeps sneaking over and sleeping by Mike M though. He nearly breaks his neck every time.