Saturday, 8 November 2008

Pacemakers and Strange Goings On

I got a phone call yesterday (Friday) at 10am. My old practice (one that wanted me for this Saturday night) it was 2 nurses down 1 on the 13:00-23:00 shift and the other for 15:00 – 22:00 that night.
As l was half way down the country, and wouldn’t be back till late. I was able to cheerfully say nope no can do.

Had a lovely but insane dog in for clinic Friday morning, going through to the consult room it pulled so hard it was walking on its back legs. The front paws swept the brochures, cards and bell off the reception desk in one sweep. The room had a blizzard of business cards fluttering about.
A little terrier stood under a chair with a look of distaste at such manners.

It was a busy interesting afternoon. We had a clinic for dogs due their annual pacemaker check for any developments or changes in heart rhythm as well as pacemaker function and battery depletion. The pacemakers have an average life of 10years.
During a break while we awaited traffic hold ups to spit out clients, we had a great slide show. Well had a great, from a morbid point of view.The pacemakers that are used in dogs and cats are human ones and the people that run the clinic are human nurses. They had a slides of problems that humans with pacemakers have encountered over the years.

I am crossing fingers we may have a cat in on Monday to have a pacemaker implant, won't say more in case it doesn't come off.

A Pacer implanted in a dog and A Pre Implant Pacer

Had an interesting experience Thursday night and while some may scoff others may understand so I decided l would put it up anyhow.

One of the vets brought up about the spirit (ghost) if or if there isn’t one here as it is an old Victorian house. He said that other nurses had sworn there was and was very noisy.
Now l figured there may or may not be something having a few feelings but you have too allow for imagination.
It is an old house and so l expect it to be noisy at night, there is not the normal daily bustle and noise to cover it. ‘Spooky’ feelings are bound to apply, in an old Victorian house, that’s how the horror and docutripe TV programmes (most haunted type) work.

Overnight at the house doors clunk shut. Despite the fact that l go round and made sure all the doors are shut every night, doors still clunk shut, bangs and creaks, pipes knocking and all types of noises. I reason it as the house settling.

I told the vet that there is a great (nice) spirit at my old place who was really helpful on nights. I had also asked him (spirit) to please not slam doors or have talking going on as l am happy for spirit to be about but it is the thought of strange humans on the premises that worries me.
Since l asked that, l never had another door bang or hear strange voices but others do still hear all of that.
I have had help, like flashing lights in ICU when a critical patient needed me and a few other happenings that were to strange to pass for normal.

Thursday night after we had our chat there was NOT a sound. No doors clunking shut, no creaking, no bangs, no rattles, nothing, nada grave quiet.

In the morning I said a thanks to whomever, it was a lovely peaceful night. You may scoff, but what other reason there could be?


Vetnurse said...

Have added some more photos to the photo album. They are not in the blog but based on stories from here.

Roses said...

I've dealt with bangs and strange goings on in the night before - distracting rather than distressing.

I love your blog by the way.

PS. my sign-in is mosheast, which to me sounds like a specific fungal infection found between dogs toes. Or perhaps an exotic dish...or dance?

Vetnurse said...

:-)) l like the fungal infection definition best!.

Yes as you say it is distracting. The scary part is thinking humans may be about because if they are then it isn't that they have a right to be there.

licorice said...

Finally able to post a comment. You acknowledged the spirits thats why they were quiet, they were just waiting for you to do so. :-)